List of Lift Standards
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Inspection and certification of safety for cranes and forklifts in Middle East

Crane & forklift inspection department of Azar Setaviz Inspection Co. is willing to perform technical inspection and certification of safety for cranes and forklifts. 

Technical inspections of cranes, including Tower Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Container Cranes & etc.
Azar Setaviz international inspection company having international subsidiaries is ready for inspection in the Middle East as well.
To coordinate & carry out technical inspections, please contact us.

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List of lift standards




Code of practice of safety regulations for lift


Safety rules for the construction and installation of lift

DIN   EN 81- 2 (2000)

Safety rules for the construction and installation

Part 2: Hydraulic lift


Lift-Door lock- Specification

ASME  17.1

Lift – buffer- Specification

ASME  17.1

Lift -safety gear-Specification


Lift - Governor - Specification

ISO 4301:1983

Drawn Steel Wire For Elevator Ropes-Specification

ISO  14798 :2009

Lifts(elevators)،escalator and moving walks-Risk assessment &reduction methodology

ISO  22199:2009

Electromagnetic Compatibility-Product family Standard for Lifts-Escalators and Moving walk -Emission

DIN  EN12015(1998)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Product family Standard for lifts ،Escalators and Passenger conveyors Emission


Lifts on Ships-specific requirements


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