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Azar Setaviz Inspection Co. has started its work in 1998 by using the capacities of experts who have useful records in supervising and inspecting industrial projects for confirming type of the car, motorcycle and their parts, elevators, different types of weld, different destructive and non-destructive tests and interpreting radiography films, different types of cranes and forklifts, non-metal industries and construction sector. 
The company attempts to use the technical and engineering capabilities and offer services based on standards and national and international regulations to employers. Thus, the directors of the company in addition to implementing quality management based on ISO/IEC, 17020:2013, ISO 9001:2008 and improving the processes, attempt to achieve following aims: 
1. Observing moral, confidentiality, justice, independence principles and attempt to increase the costumer trust 
2. Commitment to continued improvement of the processes 
3. Commitment to observing the national and international rules and regulations and other necessary issues related to activities of the company 
4. Increasing the quality of inspection services and doing the commitments 
5. Absorbing and active and organized participation of human forces with positive moral records for increasing their knowledge and having effective education 
6. Developing the services of the company with aim of increasing market share in order to increase the satisfaction of the costumers 
The director of the company believes that by using the personnel participation in developing and improving the service quality and by holding review meetings for analyzing the effectiveness of the system and function of the processes for achieving the qualitative aims, it is possible to implement ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and generalize it in policies of the company. 

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