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The history of the company:
Azar Setaviz Inspection Co. was established in 1998 and was registered under number 9669 before the Iranian Companies' registration Organization 
Considering the high potentials of the Iran and the world regarding the inspection in different industrial sectors, and in order to optimized use of the facilities and regional capabilities, the directing board of Azar Setaviz Inspection Co. decided to receive necessary permits from Iranian National Standard Organization and other governmental organizations of Iran to achieve the strategy of product diversity and respond the demands of the market. 
Nowadays, Azar Setaviz Inspection Co. offers following services: doing all inspection activities, sampling the manufacturing and distribution units, inspecting permitted input and export goods (Surveillance) doing all technical inspections for confirming the motor vehicles and their trailers, motorcycles, agricultural and forest tractors, cranes and forklifts and their equipments, technical inspection of the elevators and automatic stairs, weld inspection, film interpretations, non-destructive tests, providing national and international standards, industrial designing, material engineering, production processes, inspecting and consulting for technical and safety protection, consulting and implementing quality systems. At the present time, the company has achieved a part of the goods inspection share and technical inspection share of Iranian market.

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